Muzeum Regionalne im. Andrzeja Kaubego w Wolinie

Museum History

First exhibition on early medieval history of Wolin was held by German researchers in the 1930s. Exhibition was opened in one of the school's halls, (Real Schule - a non-existent building, located on current Zamkowa Street), which then constituted management workshop of archaeological excavations, which began in 1934 and lasted until the outbreak of World War II.

First post-war exhibition was opened in Wolin as early as 1952. It was located in the building of the Archaeological Workshop at ul. Zamkowa 16 and it was prepared by the employees of the local place. Exhibition presented the results of the latest archaeological research conducted after 1945. It was very popular and a visitor’s book has been preserved to this day with the entries from visitors, e.g. Kazimierz Błahij - journalist, reporter, writer - author of “Ostatnia tajemnica zatopionych bogów” ("Last Mystery of the Sunken Gods”).

Regional Museum in Wolin was opened on 22 July 1966. Exhibition presented history of Wolin from the 9th to 12th century. Exhibition scenario was developed by the team of scientific researchers of the Archaeological Workshop of the Institute of Material Culture History of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Wolin (currently the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences), i.e. Władysław Filipowiak, Eugeniusz Cnotliwy and Jerzy Wojtasik. Western Pomerania Museum in Szczecin employees, as well as artists Teresa and Jan Zdarewicz took place in the exhibition implementation. Exhibition enjoyed great interest - from July to December 1966, museum was visited by about 4 thousand people. Ireneusz Rupp became the first manager of the facility - employee of the Western Pomerania Museum in Szczecin. In 1968-1992, Andrzej Kraube conducted the museum activity - archaeology graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He was one of the best museologists at Western Pomerania and contributed greatly to the development of the museum in Wolin, where number of visitors increased to 42000 in 1988. A. Kaube's passion for photography today enables us to enjoy one of the best photography collections picturing everyday life in Western Pomerania after 1945. On 28 May 1993, the Regional Museum in Wolin was named after him.

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