Muzeum Regionalne im. Andrzeja Kaubego w Wolinie

Culture Patronage

Andrzej Kaube Regional Museum in Wolin business activity is mainly financed by public authorities. Nowadays, without people and organizations getting involved, but mostly the companies, our Museum would not have had the opportunity to spread the wings and many great cultural events would have never seen the light of day.

Become a Culture Patron – support the Museum and contribute to well-being of present and future generations, providing them possibility to see aesthetically and historically valuable artefacts, works of art and promoting social and national values.

Your support contributes to:

- establishing relations between society and region,
- protecting cultural heritage of the world and region,
- sharing Museum collection with the world,
- creating exhibitions on a high educational and artistic level,
- expanding Museum collection,
- securing past and present for the future.

If you are interested in cooperation with Museum in Wolin – contact us:

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