Muzeum Regionalne im. Andrzeja Kaubego w Wolinie

City of Wolin

City of Wolin, which has been continuously functioning for over 1100 years, constitutes a unique information bank regarding culture and society throughout the ages. Rich and properly preserved archaeological material is a key place of interpreting historical and economic events in European Early Middle Ages. This is a place with rich history, European phenomenon. Jómsborg – Viking stronghold or legend about Vineta – sunken rich city are associated with Wolin. Origins of the town date back to the end of the 8th century, and by the 9th century it has already been a prosperous craft and trade centre - an emporium - a part of the so-called Baltic Economic Zone. It functions in a large network of long-distance trade regarding entire Northern Europe, reaching the Middle East, the Black Sea, North Africa and even the Orient. By the year 900, Wolin has entered its greatest heyday and for the next 200 years it has become the most powerful city on the southern Baltic coast, widely recognized in Europe.

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