Muzeum Regionalne im. Andrzeja Kaubego w Wolinie

Respect the History („Szanuj Dzieje”) - Good Practice

Archaeological monuments constitute the lowest, underground floor of the contemporary cultural landscape, where we can find the sources and reasons for later transformations. In Wolin land, there are rich knowledge resources about history, culture and everyday life in the early medieval port city are a fragile matter and are constantly exposed to irretrievable destruction. It is our obligation to preserve this substance and secure it for the future generations. We have to remember that the cultural inheritance can’t be restored – once destroyed is gone forever.

What are the good practices?

  • conducting construction works in areas entered in the monument register requires a permit issued by the Provincial Conservation Office. If the construction works are conducted without required permit or in a manner incompliant with the scope and conditions of the permit, investor shall be subject to a fine and the Provincial Conservator has the right to order restoration of the monument to its previous condition at the expense of the perpetrator. If you are not sure whether the area or facility of construction work is protected under the law - visit us for a free consultation. Bear in mind that Old Town area in Wolin is under strict conservation protection and it is our duty to preserve it.
  • in case of encountering remains of cultural heritage during construction works, it is necessary to stop further work, secure the discovered object and immediately notify the Provincial Conservator or report it to us. We will do our best to help you and share our advice.
  • if you find an object which can be a monument, you should secure the object, mark a place of its finding and immediately report this fact to Provincial Conservator or the Museum!
  • bear in mind that you need Provincial Conservator’s permit to seek for monuments.
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